Sleepbox by Arch Group
by Ted Savage / September 21, 2011
Via @core77, an available-just-about-anywhere private sleeping pod, intended for airports, train stations, shopping malls, replacing conventional rooms in an open plan space, or even directly on the street - for 15 minutes and up, wherever people will pay to sleep. This unit is the stripped down Hostel Edition of the patented Sleepbox concept, offering a minimum of services: electricity, light, ventilation, and a bunk bed with clean sheets.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


Trial units of the Hostel model are presently installed in Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport. Construction is laminated moisture-resistant MDF on a wood frame.

The full-featured version (see video) offers sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, and WiFi, and can custom outfitted to meet specific requirements. There is also an automatic bed sheet changing system that winds in a new section from a roll of sheeting. More at Arch Group. Photos: Arch Group & Ivanov Ilya.

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