Casa 4×30 by CR2 Arquitetos + FGMF Architects
by Ted Savage / September 21, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, the vertical shaft solution to a small-site challenge in São Paulo, Brazil, a narrow home that finds light and air wedged between buildings on a 4x30m lot. Extensive research was involved, with examination of Japanese and Dutch tiny house treatments.


An enclosed central courtyard was key to solving the problem of light and air. The ground floor living room features retractable ceiling-to-floor glass doors that integrate the interior with the garden space.


"Overall, this is an efficiently built house, fast and accurate, with no waste and reworks. The materials used are as recyclable as the house itself, which can easily be adapted over time or simply disassembled when needed." More at FGMF Architects. Photos: Fran Parente.

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