Alter Piece Jewelry Stand by Faye Toogood
by Harry / September 19, 2011
Via @homebuildlife, an abstract jewelry stand by Faye Toogood made from a series of steel hooks, iridescent glass bowls and glass plates balanced atop a blue cast-bronze base.

For more, read the Sight Unseen interview with Faye Toogood on Assemblage 3 for Phillips de Pury (the collection that Alter Piece is part of). One of our favorite quotes, says Toogood, "people are always grappling with finding the right words to describe who or what I do and indeed my style: multidisciplinary, creative polymath. I jump around a lot, but it stops me from getting bored and boredom is my biggest fear." There's also our interview with Studio Toogood from 2009.

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