Law Street House by Muir Mendes
by Ted Savage / September 17, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, the transformation of a "dilapidated one bedroom workman's cottage built in the 1880s" in South Melbourne, Australia, into a natural light-filled, energy efficient, termite-proof modern home with a steel-plated facade.


The unrevealing black steel front, complete with light-filtering drawbridge over the single window, ensures privacy, and conceals an entire second floor. "Steel construction was adopted to combat the tight site and aggressive termites. Windows, doors, stairs and joinery have been fabricated from steel. Tallow wood flooring was selected given that it does not suit the selective pallet of the termite."


Natural ventilation, double-glazing, and abundant natural light contribute to the home's sustainable design. The house was built by hand, "on weekends," over a period of 3-1/2 years, by the owners/architects, Bruno Mendes and Amy Muir. More at Muir Mendes. Photos: Peter Bennetts.

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