Raising Lanterns by Studio Lawrence
by Harry / September 16, 2011
From @StudioLawrence, a lighting collection comprised of stacked cylindrical shapes, available in pendant and floor lamp designs. "The unique design of the lamp allows numerous compositions and possibilities. The various cylindrical shapes are interchangeable so one arrangement can instantly transform into another."


"The standing lanterns can form towering statues of light while hanging the lanterns create clouds of glowing shapes. While imposing in their size and volume, the lanterns are also warm and welcoming as they radiate soft light. At home, a single floor lamp can transform in its size and composition to work in a variety of spaces, and the smaller pendants can create a striking focal point above the dinner table."


Raising Lanterns will be exhibited as part of the London Design Festival at The Brick Lane Gallery from September 20th to 25th, 2011.



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