Modular furniture, Shape and function by Sanjin Halilović
by Ted Savage / September 16, 2011
From Sanjin Halilović, the quest for ultimate modularity in furniture continues with this convertible shelf-table-chair combo.
"In the phase of shaping and searching for the ideal form of modular system furniture, where every side and every angle would be compatible with one another, I come back to the term of a grid in design which was ever present in the circles of Ulm school of design, Olt Aicher, Max Bill, Thomas Maldonado, and frequent in the graphic design of Karl Gerstner," says Halilović. The furniture is pictured with its designer. modular_furniture_shape_and_function_by_sanjin_halilovic-3.jpg
"Grid as such is very practical for further shaping development of this kind of design. A user of this product can make the formation of the elements as he/she wants, and it is exactly this fact which shows the advantage of modular design, because it offers more possibilities."

The system is made of joined wood panels, reinforced with DRVOFIX, a high strength polyvinyl acetate glue for wood, and finished with acrylic matte paint.

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