Casa Sasso y Peluquería Blaitt by 57STUDIO
by Ted Savage / September 16, 2011
Via @pArq, a home and hairstyling salon combined, the extension of an existing 1960s house in fashionable, upscale Vitacura area of Santiago, Chile.


To meet a tight budget, "new partition walls were made with lightweight steel. The perimeter walls were lined with asbestos cement sheets of OSB panels bolted on the outside, and sheets of plasterboard on the inside. The cover also performed on steel structure combined with recycled oak from the old roof, tin and zinc over OSB board."


The design was approached "with economy and simplicity of the distinctive elements of the facades and incidents in the interior space, such as windows, vents and access, taking advantage of the special offered by industrial materials." More at 57STUDIO. Photos: Mauricio Fuertes.

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