Villa DVT by boetzkeshelder
by Ted Savage / September 14, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, an aluminum-clad house in Arnhem, Netherlands, the etched-line, minimalistic result of a client request for "a unique and modern home and an interior with a loft quality." The exterior specially coated expanded metal sheets change color with varying light conditions. Large sliding glass doors opening onto the rear garden can be covered with a sunscreen made of the same perforated aluminum.


Inside, the ground floor living area combines living room, dining room and kitchen, with an open central space dominated by a "big storage cupboard which acts as a wooden tapestry that serves a number of functions such as the kitchen, storage, drinks cabinet, wardrobe and a toilet." Bedrooms are located on the "more private and intimate" second level. More at boetzkes|helder. Photos: Merel van Beukering.

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