1/100 Architectural Model Accessories by Terada Mokei
by Ted Savage / September 14, 2011
From @teradamokei, precisely executed miniature paper people and objects, at 1/100 scale, for use in architectural models or for your personal scene-building pleasure.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"If you look at the 1/100 scale human figure, it is quite different from the figure of a real human. The figure is deliberately distorted so it will be able to represent the world in a 1/ 100 scale. So it becomes the rule to distort all the items in the 1/100 scale world in the same fashion. With that the representation of the world in 1/100 scale is complete." - Naoki Terada.


This collection of tear-off paper forms, #006 New York, is one 12 themed kits currently available, including Housing, Office and Construction Site, Orchestra, Tokyo, Christmas and Zoo. The assembly instructions are as meticulously rendered as the figures.

"As the accessory kits are assembly kits, I designed them to be fun for you to do so, however I would be just as pleased if you are so inclined to just enjoy envisioning their unassembled potential as well," says Terada. More at Terada Mokei. Photos: Kenji Masunaga.


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