A New Norris House by University of Tennessee
by Ted Savage / September 8, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, a sustainable, affordable, socially-integrated house that reinterprets the model homes of 75 years ago in Norris, Tennessee. As part of the Norris Dam construction project in 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority built a community in Norris, with houses featured as models for modern and efficient living. Recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Norris Project, an interdisciplinary team of University of Tennessee students and faculty created A New Norris House.

In addition to design and construction, the students had to respond to and reform legal constraints, meeting with many community residents, researching necessary codes, and working with the city and state officials. "By confronting the legal, social, and aesthetic issues that currently limit green construction, the students were able to resolve these issues along with technological and scientific challenges." More at University of Tennessee. Photo: Ken McCown.


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