Video: House Folded by Alphaville
by Ted Savage / September 4, 2011
Via Architechnophilia and @shinkenchikusha, a house on a small lot near Osaka, Japan, uses a central wall, folded along a diagonal line over a height of three floors, to achieve light and interior courtyard space. "With the folded wall, we give the dwelling different faces. Each time you cross through the folded wall it feels like you are entering another world."

Two kinds of light are harnessed: "In the southern half of the house, the interior receives direct light from the east and, from the west, reflected light that pours into the space though openings in the folded wall. The opposite effect occurs in the northern half of the house. The final result is a continuous cloud of indirect light that hangs around the entire folded wall." Says architect Asako Yamamoto, "Slanted walls and curves are to keep the energy of people, light, and the wind flowing." More at Alphaville and MetropolisMag.

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