L41 House by Michael Katz and Janet Corne
by Ted Savage / August 25, 2011
Via @IDSwest, a 220 sq. ft. tiny home that is "total livability designed for mass production." It is small and deluxe, with "top of the line appliances, a gourmet kitchen, a full projection screen to watch your favourite movies, and an outdoor patio. This and more comes standard with the L41." Versatile and affordable compared to conventionally-sized houses, it was "conceived for a generation that understands small is beautiful, and that believes in the importance of the preservation of our precious resources."

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"Instead of doing what most small houses do - sacrificing the kitchen and providing a kitchenette - the L41 does the exact opposite, containing all of the appliances you would expect in a full size home including a washing machine that does double-duty by drying your clothes as well, a fridge elegantly placed under the counter, a convection oven and microwave, and a slide out overhead fan. The modernist and minimal space also features generous countertops of reconstituted quartz and ample storage."


"In the living room there is space for a couch that converts to a bed, coffee table, chairs and a computer desk. Blinds can be pulled for complete privacy or used as a backdrop for projections. A custom-created sliding door that disappears into the side of the unit provides full access to an outdoor deck. Outside, the L41 generates and stores solar electricity on-site through photovoltaic and solar thermal heating and cooling cells on its green roof."


The L41 can be standalone or configured as modules, "stacked in multiple variations as duplexes, six-plexes, or clustered into villages of multiple units around garden-courtyards, medium-rise buildings or high-rises." Constructed of Cross-laminated Timber (CLT), a solid wood product that can be used as "a substitute for concrete in mid-rise buildings." In addition to the 220 sq. ft. Studio, there are a 290 sq. ft. 1-Bed and a 360 sq. ft. 2-Bedroom unit. More at Katz Architecture and L41. The L41 home will also be a feature at this year's Interior Design Show West running September 29th to October 2nd, 2011. Photos: courtesty of Michael Katz.


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