Twins: Houses In Five Parts' By William O'Brien Jr.
by Ted Savage / August 17, 2011
Via @designboom, a pair of single-family, seriously geometric homes, one square, one hexagonal, separated by an integrated food garden field, in upstate New York, USA.


Designed for two brothers, the structures complement each other in form, and are kept well in sight through continuous horizontal windows overlooking the intervening field, where roof water runoff from both structures irrigates communal strips of berries, vegetables, wheat and corn. The exteriors are thick black stucco, contrasting with the monochromatic white interiors. Internal volumes result from "a study of the mathematical principle of 'dissection' in which polygons of equal areas may be divided into identical shapes" - translation: both square and hexagonal houses contain the same five basic shapes. More at William O'Brien Jr.. Photos: Peter Guthrie.

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