Take On Nature Sofa by Gustav Segerstéen
by Harry / August 11, 2011
From Gustav Segerstéen, a sofa that adapts to its surroundings. Says Segerstéen, "I set out to explore how furniture would look if it adapted to its surroundings. Since humans are the furniture's surroundings, I wanted to portray our behavior, wants and needs."


"Based on a classic tale of the human life. How we grow from being alone to finding a partner, and making two lives one, eventually bringing up new life, was something that gave me an interesting approach to base a furniture project on."


"Two chairs grown together to make one, still evolving sofa. The distinctive details are grown after the needs of the people that surround the sofa. When looking at a tree you do not see any growth at that particular moment, just like a photography caught in time, you know the story keeps growing."



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