P3 DIY Chair by Recession Design
by Harry / August 1, 2011
From Recession Design, modern do-it-yourself chair plans that use readily available materials and that can be assembled using everyday tools. Download the plans at recessiondesign.org.

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Photos: Alberto Alcamisi, Max Rommel

From Recession Design:

RECESSION DESIGN is an international DIY design collective based in Milan. RECESSION DESIGN is a designer collective born in 2008 when everybody started to speak about world economic crisis, with the aim of stimulating reflection on the meaning of "DESIGNING" even in that negative scenario.

The "recession" becomes a pretext and opportunity to scrutinise the contemporary design world: through a provocation-exhibition on the subject of "Do It Yourself DESIGN" the theme of "designing" was presented in an ironic manner that goes beyond the trends and fashions of the moment and returns the pure form and function of the object to the centre of the design process.

RECESSION DESIGN objects have the common characteristic of being made from materials easily available in DIY shops and that can be assembled using every-day tools and accessories for home use. The idea behind the project is that the pieces may not necessarily be aesthetically simple or "toy-like" but should demonstrate on the contrary, through their pureness and clarity, how a sound project can give birth to high design even with humble materials and tools.


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