The Essentials: Moritz Waldemeyer
by Ted Savage / July 30, 2011
Via @Sight_Unseen, "the essentials" for German-born, London-based designer-engineer Moritz Waldemeyer who switched from hard science R&D to design and wound up in celebrity orbit, "marrying engineering and experimental lighting technologies with design and performance," for a clientele that includes Hussein Chalayan, Rihanna, Bono, Kylie Minogue and OK Go.


GoPro Hero camera

A few of his professional and personal essentials include, in no particular order: Canon 5D MkII and GoPro Hero HD cameras, Leonardo Da Vinci as scientist, the "low tech" Fenix PD10 LED Flashlight, DMZ night at Mass in Brixton for live music, and "a simple electronics workshop that includes a high-quality solder station, a bench power supply, an oscilloscope, and various programmers for micro-controllers. This allows us to do electronic prototyping and development for all our projects." More at SightUnseen and Moritz Waldemeyer.

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