Grace Santorini Hotel by Divercity and mplusm
by Ted Savage / July 27, 2011
Via @stylepark, a 20-room luxury boutique hotel, its bungalows and terraces carved into the face of a volcano on the Greek island of Santorini, embraces "radical simplicity and organic forms."


As in Santorini's original cave-like dwellings excavated from the rock-face, "no furniture is free-standing. Custom-built storage and vanity units are moulded into alcoves." Meanwhile, "all-white interiors with brushed concrete floors reiterate the trademark whitewashed houses of the Cyclades." And, "the infinity pool's jagged outline echoes the zigzag paths that criss-cross Santorini's sheer terrain." More at Grace Santorini Hotel and Divercity and mplusm. Photo: Serge Detalle and Erieta Attali.

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