Doshi Levien Studio Visit
by Ted Savage / July 10, 2011
Via @Sight_Unseen, a visit with London design team of Doshi Levien, two very different minds working through their own approaches to the same tasks. Mumbai-born Nipa Doshi "collages, paints, and draws her way toward ideas." Scottish husband, Jonathan Levien, growing up in his parents' toy factory, "developed the more exacting methods of an industrial designer, prototyping and all."


Their Kali project (up top) is an exhaustive line of jewel-toned plastic bathroom accessories, from toothbrush cups to toilet brushes. "Normally, you never imagine using one range for everything," says Doshi. "The pieces here relate to each other but are eclectic, where it doesn't feel like you've bought a matching set." More at Doshi Levien.

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