Bonsai Equilibrium Vases by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos
by Harry / June 21, 2011
From Galerie Gosserez, a vase composed of four circular pieces which turn freely around a glass tube - completely produced from scraps.


"The Bonsai Equilibrium vase-sculpture is a harmonious, gracious and poetic soliflore vase, with the appearance of a little Bonsai."


"The challenge was to find equilibrium in several positions whilst keeping an aesthetic shape. Each vase has its own bespoke packaging, a fully-fledged design ‘object’... The production is 'haute couture': all of the elements are hand-assembled with the greatest care, as are the finishing touches."


The Bonsai Equilibrium vases combine cardboard, elm and lacquered medium. "Loyal to her work, the designer likes to create objects like this with unusual aesthetics, full of contrasts, but delicate and refined."

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