Be Longing Lamp by Zhe Zhang
by Harry / June 19, 2011
From Zhe Zhang, a lamp for people who are far from their loved ones. Be Longing has two parts, one for each each location, and uses variations in light intensity to communicate the presence of loved ones near the light.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


From Zhe Zhang:

In today's restless world, so many people are far away from their loved ones. This set of lamp is designed for two people who live in different places, uses light to create silent communication and show the other person's presence when they are not together in a subtle way. When only one person turn on the lamp, it will only have dim light, the light will tell you that your partner is not home yet. When the other person turn on the light in his/her apartment, both of the light will become brighter. The objects won't be complete without the other person, which build new connections and experience for people by the objects they share with each other.

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