Detraform Model 500 Telephone by Kiwi&Pom
by Harry / June 16, 2011
From @Detraform, a cordless DECT phone featuring a unique L shape design, subtle interface and a selection of classic colors.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Detraform, "Sustainable consumption begins with products that last a lifetime. That's why Detraform is breaking the two year replacement cycle inherent in current generic, feature laden cordless phones."


"The Detraform model 500 features a robust, polished polycarbonate and anodized aluminum shell, supported by Canadian engineered, industrial standard electronics."


"The model 500 design is anchored on the principal telephone functions of speaking and listening, while also including a speaker phone and a simple push-to-talk intercom system."

Get one here.

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