Objet Préféré by Fabrica
by Harry / May 31, 2011
Via @yatzer, a collection of 15 furniture pieces designed by Fabrica.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


Objet Préféré - Libri (up top, Appartamento)

The pieces were created following a workshop between young Fabrica designers and personnel - craftsmen, technicians, office staff - of the Grand-Hornu Images cultural centre in Belgium.

Above, Grand-Hornu Images staff describing their favorite objects (en francais).

According to Sam Baron, responsible of the Fabrica design area, "the main challenge of this project was to illustrate, by means of a unique and special exhibition, the beauty of the favourite objects of Grand-Hornu personnel. Design therefore becomes a way of uniting communities of people of different background, language and age."


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