Dunedin Street Residence by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
by Harry / May 11, 2011
Via @designboom, a small extension to a pre-existing dwelling in the suburbs of Perth, Australia. "Paying careful attention to both the original house and the qualities of the site, the project establishes a strong relationship between the old and the new while creating an internal experience through the addition of a 'sleeve' roof form." More at Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. Photo: Shannon McGrath.


http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2011/05/10/video-framed-art-frame-by-yugo-nakamura.php http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2011/05/11/isle-of-i-sink-mirror-by-alberto-villarreal-and-michel-rojkind.php
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