Swing Blade Pencil Sharpener by Free Time Industries
by Harry / May 6, 2011
Via @sight_unseen & @_AmDC_, an elaborate pencil sharpener.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


The Swing Blade was part of the American Design Club "Use Me" exhibition of works by 45 young American designers "of unapologetically functional objects, each of which exhibits a strong sense of purpose, intelligent use of materials, and the ability to do one thing extremely well."


Says Freetime, "Although not the fastest method for pencil sharpening, the simple swing blade mechanism is certainly the most poetic and ritualistic. We find that the single-mindedness of its design allows it to achieve a particular kind of perfection. The blade moves 10 degrees off parallel to the lead, never breaking the tip; ideal for all pencils, but especially for more delicate softer leads and color pencils."


More at Free Time Industries.


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