Bound Wall Mirrors by Grain Design
by Harry / May 5, 2011
Via Grain Design, a wall sized version of their Bound hand mirror with edges wrapped in hemp twine. Like the hand mirror Bound is made from waterjet cut salvaged mirror but, unlike the handheld version, is backed in laser cut bamboo and felt.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


New designs from Grain also include Spool, a wildly patterned build-it-yourself modular system that can be assembled into a variety of freestanding structures such as room dividers, screens and table bases. Says Grain, "Spool is made of upcycled paper thread spools removed from the Los Angeles apparel industry's waste stream. Spool kits, which include 240 spools and 520 connectors, can be used to build various interior installations, such as screens, table bases and partitions.


A second mirror design, Hung, is Grain's simplest design. "Inspired by rope-work techniques Minola picked up while studying boat building in Maine, Hung is an oval shaped waterjet cut mirror threaded and hung by half inch thick manila rope that is woven back into itself to hold the mirror securely without any glue or fasteners."


"Our work takes into consideration a series of questions about how and and where things are made and how we can be innovative with reuse, renewable materials and life cycle."

Grain's new work will presented at ICFF 2011 from May 14 to 17.

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