Facet-nate (unstrung) Pendant by Alister Yiap
by Harry / March 25, 2011
A hand-crafted, faceted pendant by Alister Yiap. Part of Miniatures and Multiples the SGAR gallery's first collectable exhibition for 2011 featuring 18 of Australia‟s and Asia Pacific‟s finest creatives.

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Says SGAR, "Based on the traditional and the merging of design/art principles, the rejection of mass production in favour of one-off and limited edition artifacts is at the core of SGAR's Miniatures and Multiples idea."


According SGAR director, Renai Grace this emerging global trend is not new but part of a very real reaction to the present standardization of the everyday object. "Simply put, the sought-out, 'village driven', hand made object has thankfully re-emerged as a commissioned luxury of old, only with a more conscious contemporary spin".


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