Mummy Lamp by Bruno Rainaldi
by Harry / March 16, 2011
From Bilumen, a pendant light featuring metallic ribbon that wraps light in concentric circles. The rings don't perfectly overlap each other, hence the mummy reference.

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Mummy Lamp by Bruno Rainaldi

Say Bilumen, "The light can thus filter through these disconnections and come out in a magical way. The external finish of the body is proposed with some different elegant colors such as charcoal grey, white chalk or 'greyge'. A gold leaf covers the internal surface and enhances the precious, warm and soft, luminosity of Mummy."


Heron Task Lamp by Enrico Azzimonti

Also from Bilumen, Heron, a bidimensional graphic interpretation of the classical table lamp. The Heron family consists of two LED equipped lights, almost entirely made of aluminum. The red cable, intentionally in contrast with the white of the structure which sustains it, emphasizes the lamp's essence.


"The Heron structure avoids all the classical weight balance devices such as springs and steel cables. This is possible because the Heron is provided with self-locking joint easy to open and re-close in order to ensure a great mechanical and formal simplification."

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