Boogie Chandelier by Studio 1:1
by Harry / March 9, 2011
From Studio 1:1, a prototype fiber optic chandelier. Developed as an accent lighting piece, it uses fiber optic cables to form endless loops of light that are extended further by a reflective surface.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Say the designers, "The light strands are woven into a volumetric shape and form a vortex of tangible glow."


"Remember those ugly fluorescent ceiling-hung lights one can only put in the basement? Well this fixture uses just one like that but what a difference can a bunch of light transmitting cables and reflective materials make. Using fiber optics gives endless opportunities for the tangible sculpting of light and engages our sense of touch in experiencing it."


"The Boogie Chandelier dwells in between realms of art and functionality where being a light fixture is only one of its many functions. The glow at night turns it into an accent lighting piece.  Its graceful curves in the morning transform it into a work of art. Vertical or horizontal, up or down this is the fixture of possibilities."


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