Wunderboxes by PostlerFerguson
by Mike / March 2, 2011
From @PostlerFerguson, a collection of abstract but strangely familiar "things" designed for the Victoria & Albert Museum. "Wunderboxes is a temporary installation designed for the V&A Friday late programme 'Archive Live' in the grand entrance hall of the V&A museum in London."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"From a tiger attack helicopter to Han Solo in Carbonite - from a Lobster to the iconic Nike Swoosh the objects represent the designers diverse interests and fields of research from science to popular culture."


Postlerferguson was commissioned by the V&A to visualize parts of their research and the design team responded with an installation of differently formatted cardboard boxes. Each one a bright orange light box that displays a variety of three dimensional models "to create an abstract but strangely familiar collection of 'things'."


Museum visitors were encouraged to approach and examine the partly hidden and camouflaged objects, drawn in by the warm and hypnotising orange glow of the boxes.


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