Tension Furniture by FOBricated
by Mike / March 2, 2011
From FOBricated, a table, chairs, and benches that utilize ratchet straps to hold the parts together. According to the designers, "They all follow the same principles of construction, using no nails, screws or other typical woodworking hardware."


"All the pieces utilize ratchet straps to create a rigid and strong method of construction. The use of tension dictates the geometry of the pieces, pushing and pulling it into a natural state of rigidity, thus eliminating the need of connection joints between the individual components that make up the whole."


"If needed, the pieces can be taken apart for ease of transport and quickly reassembled."


"Slight curvatures in the furniture pieces are generated by the tension of the straps, which hint at the forces that hold them in balance. The pieces are suspended in a constant state of stress, creating stability between static and dynamic."



Photos: Jason Barbagelott


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