Firmship FS 42 by Studio Job
by Harry / February 25, 2011
Studio Job, known primarily for their artistic design work, have designed a boat.

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The Firmship has a classic boat shape with a difference, almost everything is gray, from the railing and the bollards to the sundeck and "even the throttle. Yet the Firmship is anything but drab or boring."


The austere gray hull and upper deck contrast with warm and inviting teak wood accents; doors, outdoor furniture and a custom made captain's seat.


Craftsmanship in the form of seamlessly joined individual planks - the wood grain meticulously aligned - underscores centuries old nautical tradition.



Says Studio Job, "With great subtlety, icons of our seafaring past have been worked into the interior, but given an unexpected twist. The sofa is upholstered in prints showing anchors, Moby Dick and a skull and crossbones. A stained glass window between the cabin and the pilothouse displays the same 'iconography'."


Bathroom, top view


This first Firmship is 42 feet long, sleeps four and has a maximum speed of 10 knots. A 60-foot version is planned.

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