Nothing Happens For A Reason by Tobias Rehberger + Artek
by Harry / February 14, 2011
From Artek, an installation with artist Tobias Rehberger using dazzle painting (the camouflage painting method used on battle ships in the first and second World War).

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Says Rehberger, "I like the idea of creating a visual art project which is about 'not seeing something'."


Per Artek, "Rehberger is interested in the conflict between functionalism and aesthetics, and likes to question and play with the notion of art and its various strategies. Using several media and different approaches, Rehberger's conceptual work breaks traditional boundaries with exceptional combinations of painting, sculpture, architecture and design."


The Nothing happens for a reason art installation is viewable at the Logomo Café in Turku, Finland through December 2011.

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