SheLLf Small and Medium by Ka-Lai Chan
by Harry / February 7, 2011
From Galerie Judy Straten, a preview of the black lacquered shelves by Ka-Lai Chan that will be shown at Object Rotterdam from February 9th to 13th, 2011. SheLLf isn't a spelling mistake, it's two words in one; shell and shelf.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says the designer, "SheLLf is going from flat to more depth and spatiality, from small to bigger and from one to more, various cabinets which are crawling in a exiting motion over the wall. Almost literally growing out of the wall, to crawl out of their shell and to take place in its surroundings."


And from Galerie Judy Straten, "SheLLf is almost autobiographical and refers to the past of designer Ka-Lai Chan as a quiet and introvert girl at the background, wanting to crawl out of her shell. For the designer it was difficult to expose herself, to meet the expectations and adjustments of the World around her. For her it seems to like wearing a mask."


"The cabinet SheLLf has a perfect smooth, glossy black surface which reflects the light and where you almost can see yourself. The interieur of the cabinet is in contrast and shows you the specific qualities of the light colored wood which is rougher and untreated. SheLLf had no doors and drawers. Everything is open and nothing can be hidden, so everything in the cabinet tells you the personal story of the owner."

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