House Lights by Kristian Aus
by Harry / February 7, 2011
From @KristianAus, a village of house shaped lights that "represent a tiny sample of the variety of ideas that make up our love-affair with the house."

(Click the image below for full sized image)


"These lights are representations of a part of life that everyone shares in some way. The design creates a fantastical and whimsical idea using simple and adaptable processes. They are made simply from a combination of rotational-moulded PE and rubber parts. The shade is attached to the roof of the house with magnets to allow for easy removal and a seamless join. The 'smoke' that sits on the chimney is a soft, lightweight rubber piece that adds a greater sense of fun to the product.

A light can be many things, but most of the time that thing is a light. The House Lights help to change the expectations that a person has about a product. These lights are a fantasy made real. They are a projection of what a person wants from their life and they are a memory of happy times with family and friends."

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