20 Designers at Biologiska
by Harry / February 2, 2011
From Fredrik Färg, a preview of "20 Designers at Biologiska", an offsite show to Stockholm Design Week opening February 9th to the 12th, 2011. "An exhibition that is about evolution, diversity, and universality, where contemporary design, art and light is housed in an unexpected context." The Biologiska museum normally exhibits a collection of stuffed European birds and mammals in dioramas.

Here's a preview of items that will be on display.


Eye by Sigga Heimis

"The eye came as a second generation piece of the organ serie. I made those during a workshop with CMOG at the Vitra Design Museum this summer. We wanted to make them big to give them more impression and what I wanted to point out is that almost all eyes are the same, no matter if they come from a human, or an animal. The scale just changes and the colors."


Mora clock by Karin Auran Frankenstein

"You are allowed to open the backdoor and have a look inside."


Rhubarb lamps by Emma Marga Blanche

"A pleated Armature, like an elegant 'rhubarb' that grows directly out of the earth. It is a series of lamps made of fold polypropylene which creates a light atmosphere of vegetation: symmetric and organic at the same time."




d'Albe stool by Staffan Holm

"I often find inspiration in objects created for practical use, which became beautiful or interesting by coincidence. This stool is inspired by so called 'Duc d'Albe's'; old anchoring tripods hammered into the bottom of the harbor and these days mostly popular social spots for the seagull community."


Flair Cutlery by Jessika Källeskog

"The idea for 'Flair Cutlery' was born from a thought of giving cutlery a more jewelry-like appearance; to give these tools an enriched, but subtle, significance."


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