H4 House by Brio54
by Harry / January 25, 2011
From @brio54, a house in Milford, Connecticut specifically designed for very small, narrow, and low sloping building lots commonly found in higher density neighborhoods along shorelines.

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The H4 is a 2171 s.f., three bedroom house with an open floor plan. High-capacity seating in the dining and living room area, a large open kitchen, built-in serving areas and outdoor spaces "make it an ideal design for entertaining" according to architect and Brio54 CEO Gernot Bruckner.


The H4 has a tight and highly insulated building envelope, a high-efficiency heating, cooling & ventilation system, a high efficiency instant water heater, ENERGY STAR rated appliances, WaterSense rated fixtures, as well as dimmer switches & occupancy sensors. In addition, each room offers natural cross-ventilation in order to utilize the prevalent shoreline breeze, which further reduces utility costs during the interim seasons.






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