Eleven Women and 400 Daisies by Ted Noten
by Harry / January 23, 2011
Via @foc_amsterdam, a 3D printed bust art piece celebrating the Women's Auxiliary of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. The interactive work was custom designed for the opening of the new museum.


Every year for the next 18 years 22 numbered flowers will be taken away, one each for the new board members, revealing the bust underneath. Designed with 3D software and created using 3D printing, the gold plated bust is a composite says 3D printer Freedom of Creation, "the head comes from Grace Kelly and the other parts were 'stolen' from 10 powerful American women through history whom Ted chose out of respect for their efforts and authenticity. The final piece looks like a sketch made with scissors and glue and when you look the piece from close proximity, you will recognize the different features of all these chosen 10 women."


http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2011/01/23/3d-printed-awards-by-freedom-of-creation.php http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2011/01/24/haines-house-by-christopher-polly.php
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