Orange Peel Hanger by TourDeFork
by Harry / January 22, 2011
From @tourdefork, a collection of objects that aim to re-use kitchen waste. Inspired by traditional Italian customs where peel and other food waste is re-used in a completely new context.

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Orange Peel Hanger

Above, the Orange Peel Hanger on which are placed leftover orange, mandarin or lemon peels on a steel skewer and hung over a warm radiator during the winter. "The zesty oils contained in the skins will evaporate and engulf the room with their fragrance. You can even use the dried skins in cakes and jams."



Coffee Scent Dissipater

Put used coffee grounds in the porcelain container and hang in the fridge. Coffee grounds act as an excellent odor neutralizer.



Apple Peel Grower

"The process of making Natural Sour Dough, also known as Mother Yeast, is a complex and delicate task. An excellent way of stimulating and nourishing the saccharomycetes involved in the fermentation process is to place apple skins in the perforated top partition of the lid.The apples natural oxidation helps create a balanced mini biosystem in which the yeast can thrive."


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