Brainwave Entertainment by InteraXon
by Harry / January 14, 2011
Via digital artist @ALEX_McLEOD_, the world's first thought-controlled 3D TV experience. The system, introduced at CES last week, responds to changes in the user's brainstate.

"Built with InteraXon's specially modified 3D glasses, this [CES] demonstration offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a cognitively controlled experience, further opening the door to next generation games, mental trainers, & connected interactions."


InteraXon's thought-controlled 3D glasses

How it works (via

If you can plug it in, you can control it with your brain. InteraXon's technology works by converting brainwaves into digital signals that are fed into a computer. Furniture, audio and visual devices, toy cars - all controllable without the touch of a button.

Here's a breakdown of the process:


Your brain generates electrical patterns, which accumulate into brainwaves detectable by an Electroencephalograph (EEG). The EEG can't read words or pictures out of your mind, just your overall brain state, like how relaxed or alert you are. The InteraXon system analyzes these readings and separates the waves by frequency into alpha, beta, gamma, and theta waves, each of which is associated with a particular conscious state. With practice you can learn to manipulate your brainwave pattern, like flexing a muscle you've never used before.


InteraXon's interface works by turning brainwaves into binary (ones and zeros). We're like interpreters fluent in the language of the mind: our system analyses the frequency of your brainwaves and then translates them into a control signal for the computer to understand.

The system we are currently working with is designed to respond to alpha and beta waves. These two wave types are associated with degrees of mental focus that range from attentive or "zoned in" (beta waves) to relaxed or "zoned out" (alpha waves).


Just like a button or switch can activate whatever it's connected to, your translated brainwaves can control anything electric. InteraXon designers and engineers make the experience so seamless, the connected technology seems like an extension of your own body. The interface is designed to offer immediate feedback so that users can concentrate solely on the output necessary to achieve the desired results. An average user can master the system with only a few minutes of practice.

Above, a video of InteraXon and SecretExit's brainwave-enabled version of the award-winning Zen Bound 2 iPad app.

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