KasKast Greenhouse Cabinet by Marije van der Park
by Harry / January 12, 2011
From Marije van der Park, a greenhouse cabinet for homegrown edible plants. "The cabinet is made out of scrap steel from industry, old greenhouse glass and used oak. The plants are locally gathered from people who home grow edible plants in the garden or allotment."

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Moon/en/Co, curators and developers of Eat Drink Design, had this to say about the GreenhouseCabinet:

"To challenge the visitor to think about the workings of plants. Something Marije van der Park & Latu's, KasKast really did. 'Many people wanted to know what kind of bamboo was growing in the greenhouse,' says Geurts, 'and were very surprised to find out it was a brussel sprouts plant.' The KasKast is an ode to edible plants, formed by a disused cabinet combined with reused steel and wood to make an in-house greenhouse."


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