DOK Sideboard by Reinier de Jong
by Harry / January 12, 2011
From Reinier de Jong, a sideboard made to corrode. "We deliberately chose plain steel rather than corten steel as the main material of the sideboard. By using plain steel we do not control the corrosion process but leave it up to the natural elements of the moment."

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"This means a sideboard made in February may look different from one that was made in August. Once nature has done its job we finish the steel with a transparent lacquer to prevent it from further corrosion."


"The fronts and backs are made of the same type of plywood panels and therefore the sideboard can be a free standing piece. An essential and beautiful detail is how the joint of the steel case and the plywood fronts makes a super thin and minimal appearance."


"The steel case has angle bars welded on the inside which function both as a reinforcement for the steel plate and as a rabbet for the fronts. The fronts are equipped with two types of hinges. A piano hinge and two pivot arms per unit which hold the door open and brake the door as it drops."


Reinier de Jong is designer and producer of high quality design furniture. He also works as an interior designer and architect on various projects. Some acclaimed designs of his are VOLT table, REK bookcase and KEER chair. DOK6.jpg

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