Upside Down Bookcase by Adrien De Melo
by Harry / January 10, 2011
From Adrien De Melo, a suspended bookcase. "Its main asset: a levitating modular architecture, with a technically simple appearance, seeking transparency, articulated around five floating modules adapted to all book sizes."


"Comparable to notes in a scale, the five base modules allow your own ideal bookcase to be constructed to your taste. Books are slightly intimidating desirable objects. The very discrete UPSIDE DOWN exposes them and makes them fully accessible, Adrien De Melo emphasizes."


"The floating design of the stainless steel frames covered with translucent polyurethane inflated cushions pay tribute both to the artisanal know-how - stitching-welding of the elastomer and to the industrial labour - laser cutting and mechanical assembly. A progressive bookcase just like our reading, UPSIDE DOWN can be reinvented with use. Suspended by straps, the modules are therefore reorganised or even enriched according to individual needs and according to changing desires."

The bookcase will be presented for the first time at the next edition of MEET MY PROJECT at Lieu du Design, 74 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine (Paris 12th) from January 21st to 25th, 2011.


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