Breakdown Furniture by Louie Rigano
by Harry / December 22, 2010
From Louie Rigano, a furniture collection that explores three methods of creating (and dismantling) structure; peg, lock, and wedge. "Joinery takes a backseat to alternative methods of construction that require no tools for assembly."


"The shelf uses pegs that hold up the shelves, which can be easily rearranged."



"The stool utilizes a square seat that sits locked in place between four notched legs. The 'H' shaped leg pieces are slightly torqued inward which holds the seat in tension. The 'X' shaped crossbeams also lock in place."



"The tray table implements a crossbeam that locks in place and two triangulated leg pieces. The tray top's two angled rectangular openings get wedged onto the top of the legs; this creates two handles that make the piece easy to carry and move about."


"The tray top can also be detached and used for serving. Japanese Oak is the chosen material, used primarily for it's strength which makes the use of thin elements possible."

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