Triangolo dell'Olio Packaging Design by Junko Kirimoto
by Harry / December 17, 2010
From Junko Kirimoto, packaging design that presents and protects its delicate contents, three premium olive oils from Estate of Carma.


"The box has the appearance of a great book (the cover having been inspired by the volume of an encyclopedia) and communicates how the production of extra-virgin olive oil in Italy is considered almost a cult, a concept that perfectly reflects the sophistication and the superior quality of products inside."


The box features three unique products from three very distinct terroirs in the Podere del Ermellino aka "olive oil triangle"; Essenza di Carma, Podere Ermellino and Formica Alta.


Junko Kirimoto is the founding partner of architectural firm Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners.

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