YETA Mimetic Eco-hut by Flavio Galvagni
by Harry / December 13, 2010
From Lab Zero, a micro-architectural structure that's made entirely of wood that resembles one of the many stacks of tree trunks that typically dot alpine pastures and forests.


"Yeta can be used for different purposes: as a 'room with a view' in the forest, as a mini research-lab in parks or remote areas, as a shelter on a mountain, as a display station in natural settings, as a mini-lodge in provincial parks and camping grounds, as a temporary dwelling in disaster-stricken area, a meditation space, a research camp or a storage/service unit."


"Yeta's first version features a mini-kitchen and a mini-bathroom with shower. The wooden shell is insulated and the glass has a thick double layer to ensure a comfortable environment in the winter. Its flexible design means it can be fitted in different ways, according to need. Yeta also comes with a photovoltaic system that frees it from reliance on an electrical grid. The overall sizes of the Yeta unit are 3.7 m wide x 4.9 m length and 3.10 m height."


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