Kryptonite Jewelry by Hariri & Hariri
by Harry / December 8, 2010
From sister architecture team Hariri & Hariri, oversized and asymmetrical jewelry inspired by natural crystalline geometries and the quarry site for their Salzburg Sternbrauerei Project. Made in Italy for Atelier Swarovski, the collection includes a statement ring, large pendant, choker, wrist cuff and belt in colors Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Silver Shade and Crystal Sahara.


Sisters Gisue and Mojgan were interested in the added dimension and boldness which comes from the chiseled irregularities of the crystals.


A model of the Salzburg Sternbrauerei Project by Hariri & Hariri

"Like all of our work this collection cannot be defined as one thing, it is the amalgamation of many things where beauty, sensuality, functionality, technology and philosophy connect the body and mind," said Gisue Hariri.

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