MESAZ Table by Mellem Design
by Harry / December 6, 2010
From Philippe Schlesser and Jean-Paul Carvalho, a solid oak dining table with legs that protrude through the table top. Hand made from thick oak board with hard wood legs, every MESAZ table has its own character.


The solid oak table top has a natural satin finish that won't stain.


MESAZ is part of mellem design's 2010 product collection, which also includes,


TABOAM, a stone cutting board and serving tray whose upper side has indents to serve liquids such as soy sauce, olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Each side has an angled edge, so lifting TABOAM is easy.


COPAZ bowl, cut out of a solid piece of natural stone, here filled with olive oil and COPA with black olives.


TABOA, a solid wood cutting board that allows you to slide your plate underneath to neatly transfer chopped items. Can also be used as a serving platter to present food.


TABOA in dark chocolate wengé wood.

Photos: Ricardo vaz Palma, Christina Dixius

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