Heating stove_01 by Aart van Asseldonk
by Yvan / December 2, 2010
From Dutch designer Aart van Asseldonk a home heating stove with a distinctly industrial shape and feel. Heating stove_01 is made of 100% sheet metal with an inner casing for better heat dispersion.


"The Visual language of 'engineering design' appeals to Aart van Asseldonk. The rugged mechanical shapes, the language of machinery and bridges from the early industrial period, inspired the designer to make this stove."


"The silhouette consists of a range of dierent cylindrical forms, a uniform colour unites all. The shape refers to the robust 19th century workshop heaters and expresses pure functionality. Asseldonk prefers artisanal quality and production, these are therefore fully controlled from beginning to the end. His love for design originates from the choice of materials and technology breath an atmosphere of workshop romance."


"The stove is 100% made of sheet metal and is hand formed and welded. The stove consists of an inner and outer casing so the air in between can circulate. This has the advantage that the heater next to a radiant heat convection heat can emit. This is wy the system has an even greater heat release. The stove does what it is expected and has the ease and comfort of a heat source. The function is more important than aesthetics, but that does not mean that form follows function."


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