Falling Light by Troika
by Harry / December 1, 2010
Troika's Falling Light installation for Swarovski at Design Miami is the "purest expression of crystal, making that as a functional lens which catches and refracts light."

Falling Light is an installation consisting of 50 ceiling suspended mechanical devices each with a custom cut Swarovski crystal optical lens, a computer programmed motor and a white LED.


"The armatures rise in syncopation by rotating cam before gravity releases them earthward, activating the LED to move away, closer to the crystal lens. The lens acts as a prism, transforming through diffraction, the LED's white light into a rainbow myriad, in turn creating the rhythmical ebb and flow of the floor-strewn droplets. Sight and sound converge in the space, demanding that viewers play the role of participants, observing and absorbing the energy of the space."


"The lens - like a prism - will refract and transform the white light of the LEDs, immersing visitors in a virtual shower of light 'drops'. The drops, appearing as if encircled by vibrant halos of rainbow colours will rhythmically radiate outward upon hitting the pristine gallery floor. Subtle humming of the space's mechanisms at work will provide a chorus in tune with the light's ephemeral movements. Encompassing the concepts of evanescence and fluidity evident in Troika's iconic pieces, the surface harshness of technological elements fades, leaving a deceptively simple experience of the sublime."


Sebastien Noel of Troika explains: "For Falling Light we chose to work with the intrinsic qualities of Swarovski Crystal optical lenses and their ability to achieve the most precise and pure rainbow halo; in a way, we reduced the use of the crystals to their essence, their bare optical properties... The magic of crystals and their extreme transparency allowed us to bend our visual world, which is key to our installation."


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