Origamaster Shades by BCXSY
by Harry / November 17, 2010
BCXSY have designed a pair of sunglasses inspired by origami for "Shades Down in Tokyo Town" an exhibition at the Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo on now until November 26th, 2010.


"Shades Down In Tokyo Town will showcase original spectacles and sunglasses created by specially commissioned artists, designers and craftsmen from Europe and Japan.

Selected by HEDMANKLING (curator & exhibition designer Sofia Hedman and artistic director & designer Karolina Kling) for their remarkable artistic, conceptual, experimental skills, they work over a variety of platforms utilising a diverse range of materials.

As sunglasses have never been a particularly popular subject in the museum or gallery and have rarely been exhibited in their own right, HEDMANKLINGaim to address this within their own unique parameters. In keeping with the ethos of artist Karolina Kling's working process, HEDMANKLING has commissioned these artists to create an imaginary character and base their sunglasses design on that fantastical persona. What results is an incredible cluster of hypothetical characters, which envelopes the spectator and can be constructed as a direct reflection of today's avant-garde mind. The result is an absolute outburst of authenticity and integrity."


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